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usatf certificate

oiselle volee
Member of Oiselle Volée since August 2017

nuunbasador 2018nuun

Why write a blog about running? This is what I ask myself when I am running and my thoughts wander. This is what I think about when I’m driving to and from work every day. Why not? I read blogs written by people I don’t know. These blogs are by and about people whom I don’t know, and I’m still interested by them. I want to know why they run, or how they got started, or where they’ve had amazing running experiences, and what they do to run better, to run faster, to have more fun. If I like to read what others write, maybe they would like to read what I write. And I won’t find out if I don’t try!

My name is Stacia, and I am a Runner!

I’m a nuunbassador, Fleet Feet Saucony Race Team member, USATF certified running coach for Fleet Feet Morrisville, and a reviewer and BibRave Pro for BibRave.

Click here to read about my Running History.

Click here for my Racing History and Curriculum Vitae.


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