Oh là là, I love my OOfos!


“Disclaimer: I received a pair of OOfos Oolala Luxe Sandals in Jet Blue to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!”

When I got the chance to review a pair of OOfos Oolala Sandals, I jumped at it. I’m not going to try to hide it, I own several pairs of OOfos already!


This was my first pair, the OOriginals in navy blue. I wish I had tracked the miles on them, because it’s sure to be in the hundreds. I’ve retired them, as I’ve said in the above Instagram post, and they only come out for dog walks, beach walks, and chores around the house.  They are a little rough around the edges, but they’ve stood the test of time.

The new shiny pair has been my ‘dressy’ pair for the summer, the pair I can wear to the mall or the ball park or the picnic and pool party.

How do I love thee, OOfos? I love thee in so many ways:

*You are soft and squishy (yet supportive–how to you do both at the same time?).

*You let my toes move and breathe.

*You let my heels be naked, no blistery rubbing on the backs of them.

*You have never hurt me. Not once. I wish I could say the same about those pricey boots in my closet.

*You comfort me after long runs and rounds of golf, after I slip off the trainers or the spikes.

*You help my feet and legs to recover super fast.

*I think you are beautiful! And most of my friends are jealous that I have you.

Want to check out OOfos for yourself? Visit them and shop at www.oofos.com.

Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 9.20.39 PM
I love this shoe when the weather is cooler.
Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 9.21.25 PM
This one is awesome all year round: wear them with cute socks when it’s chilly outside!



You can read my first review of OOfos here.

You can follow OOfos on Instagram and Twitter @OOFOS.


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