nuun hydration

You don’t capitalize it, it’s pronounced [noon], and it comes from the words “NUtrition UNcompromised.” And it’s awesome.

I’ve been drinking nuun products since I first learned about them at Fleet Feet during my first training program years ago.

I like their products so much that I became a nuunbassador three years ago, which gives me a platform to tell people about the product, share samples, and pass along friend and family discounts from time to time.

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Coach Profile: Andrew Ball

For the Spring Season that has just begun at Fleet Feet Raleigh & Morrisville, we added a new program, the PR Squad, and a new coach, Andrew Ball.  Andrew has been a mentor with the programs for quite a few seasons, and he is now leading this ambitious group, pacing them through some advanced speed workouts on Tuesday nights.  Read on and get to know our newest coach.

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