Product Review: BUFF Dryflx Products

Disclaimer: I received a BUFF Dryflx neckwarmer and headband to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”


The first time I heard about Buff products was while watching the first few seasons of CBS’s reality television show “Survivor.” (Did you know it is now in its 37th season? Holy Cow. That’s a lot of rice. If they even still eat rice.) Each team had its own Buff; it was really the only team “uniform” that they had. Over a season of “Survivor,” you probably got to see those contestants wear their Buffs in a hundred or more different ways.

Years later, I became a runner. Once winter hit in my first year of running, I realized that I would need some cold weather gear to be able to get out into the elements comfortably, or I just would not get out there if I knew I was going to be cold.  I tried many different things to keep my neck, head, face, and ears warm. I found some things that worked over the years, but I also found many that did not. Things that were too heavy, too bulky, too insulating: things that kept the sweat on your skin, making you that much colder.

Buff products have turned out to be an excellent product. I have owned a few items over the years, including the original Buff multi-functional headwear. The new Dryflx neckwarmer and headband that I recently received are on par with the original, but it comes in a new tech fabric that will work even more efficiently on letting your skin breathe and the sweat evaporate off your skin and out of the Buffwear.

I received the neckwarmer and the headband in the same multicolor, which has predominate blue tones and will match anything else that I am wearing.


You can check out the collection by clicking here

The Dryflx collection also includes a hat, but I requested a headband since I tend to wear my thick, long hair up in a high bun-ponytail that typically doesn’t fit under a hat. The headband is perfect with this hairstyle for chilly runs, and when the temps dip into the COLD range, I will try the neckwarmer as a hat alternative; the neckwarmer is so long that I will be able to fold it into a double or triple layer. It’ll wrap around my ears and a good part of my head without the bun getting in the way. I know, #runnergirlprobs.


Thanks to a leg injury, my running has been on hold for a few weeks while I heal. I’ve been walking, however, and of course you tend to get colder faster when you are moving more slowly. The Buff Dryflx products have given the perfect amount of warmth for these walks at this time of year.

This comes directly from the Buff website: “The DryFlx Headband is ultralight and designed for any activity. Its 360º reflective design is perfect for outdoor action from dusk to dawn. The DryFlx Headband is highly breathable, with quick-drying fabric, and offers increased moisture-management.”

  • 360º Reflectivity
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Lightweight  
  • Moisture-management
  • Quick-drying

Looking ahead to next summer, I’m sure I will be using the headband to protect my hair and scalp from the southern sun. I also plan to try wetting it and keeping it in the fridge or freezer until putting it on for a run in the heat.

I’ve been so in love with Buff products that I chose some various items for friends for Christmas this year. Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 12.11.14 PM



One thought on “Product Review: BUFF Dryflx Products

  1. I honestly had no idea that Buff was on Survivor until I watched it last week with a friend. It had been a long time since I’d watched the show lol. These DryFlx pieces are awesome!


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