Marathon Training, Week #11 & 12: March 13-19, 2017 & March 20-26, 2017

This post includes two weeks.  Finding time to blog has been challenging.  This coming weekend will be the third weekend in a row participating in some kind of race. School is always crazy at this time of year with many extra duties and parent conferences.  Time always gets away from me, which is actually a great thing as I welcome April and spring.Monday 3/13: rest

Tuesday 3/14: three easy miles at Fleet Feet with the half training group, as they had just completed their mock 13.1. And I had just done 16 hard miles on Saturday, so easy was welcomed.

Wednesday 3/15: rest . . . a mid season taper in anticipation of the Tobacco Road Half Marathon this Sunday.

Thursday 3/16: rest (and dinner with the running Squad!)

Friday 3/17: rest

Saturday  3/18: Larisa and I manned water stops while the half participants did a ten mile run in the rain all over Cary. I then picked up my bib for Tobacco Road and my Saucony Race Team race kit and shoes. I did an easy two mile “shake out” run in the mid-afternoon.

Photo by Clair Smith

Sunday 3/19: First race of the year, Tobacco Road Half Marathon!  First ever negative split in a race. See my race recap for more.

Mileage for Week #11: 18.1 miles.

Monday 3/20: rest

Tuesday 3/21: three mile Totem Run in Bond Park, joined by my running buddy of the past, Shaun.

Photos by Jen Blum

Wednesday 3/22: three miles with the Fleet Feet Saucony Race Team at the Raleigh Brewing pub run, where I was again joined by Shaun.

Thursday 3/23: five miles easy

Friday 3/24: rest

Saturday 3/25: eight miles on the Tobacco Trail with the Half training group. Perfect weather and the running felt awesome.  I practiced running another negative split, with an average pace of 11:00 and a last mile pace of 9:30.

Photo by Les James


Larisa, the other coach for the Half program and an awesome (and fast!) runner

I left the trail and headed to Raleigh, where I narrowly missed running with my friends in the nOg Run Club’s St. Paddy’s 8K.  I instead registered for the virtual race, which means I got the shirt and medal before the race, and I plan to run the race route at some point in the near future.  I cheered on my friends and took pictures at two different points in the race and enjoyed a few delicious beers with them afterward.

Rebecca with Karen and Joe in their kilts
Joe and Lisa
The Lynnwood Runners and Shaun (Shaun, could you wear some green next year?!?!) Jake, Katelin, Shaun, Karen, me, Rebecca



Like a little Leprechauness, floating down the street


Sunday 3/26: 18 miles in Raleigh on my own. Slow. Sore and tired from the day before. Lots of walking intervals. In fact, I walked more this day, a perfect weather day in the high 70s (high pollen, too, the only weather negative) than I did while running in Hurricane Matthew last October. Which is really comical to me. I finished in a whopping 4 hours and 44 minutes, running on Ridge Road and then House Creek greenway to a turning point north of Shelley Lake.  A plus for all the walking intervals is that I felt not very sore at all afterward, that evening, or the days after. Recovery was quick.

Mileage for Week #12: 37 miles. I did more than twice what I did last week during a mini taper for Tobacco Road, and next week will be another mini taper leading into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half on April 2nd.


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