Marathon Training, Week #10: March 4-12, 2017

A basic, ordinary week of marathon training . . . 

Monday: rest.

Tuesday: 2 miles solo in Prestonwood before the training program’s progression run, just short of another three miles. Five minutes at 11:40 pace, ten minutes at 10:40 pace, ten minutes at 9:40 pace . . . everything was going great until the last five minutes, which were supposed to be 5K pace. Instead, my pace took a big dip into the 12 minute zone on the hill after the railroad tracks. Even so, I love this run (next time we need to start and end it on the corner of Morrisville Parkway and Crabtree Crossing, keeping that hill out of it!).

Wednesday: Three miles solo (slow and easy)  from Lynnwood Brewing to Five Points and back. Three more miles with Rebecca and Karen at a fast clip, even up the hill in mile two.  It was so good to see these girls, whom I don’t see nearly often enough. And Lynnwood’s beer tastes as delicious as ever.

Thursday: After two fast workouts, I needed a recovery day, but I didn’t want an inactive rest day. So, I decided on a long power walk.  I don’t do this often, but it felt good, so maybe I need to do it more often.  I walked five miles, trying to get my heart rate up to my Maffetone training rate but falling short by about 10 bpm.  My husband, the speed walking teacher, told me the answer to this is more arm swing, so I will try that next time.

Friday: rest.

Saturday: Up early, at Fleet Feet early, and the half marathon group was off on their mock 13.1 around Morrisville. We checked in on our awesome mentors’ water stations and set up food, raffles, and Brooks reps in the store.  I finally set out on my own run at noon, sixteen miles.  The temperature was 50 with a feels like temperature of 36. It was blustery with a chapping wind on my face and lips.  My miles were slow, the hills and wind not helping.  I’m chalking this up to ‘one of those days’ and looking at it as more time on my feet.  An epsoms salt bath–one of my favorite things this training season–afterward felt awesome.  I was sore and stiff the rest of the day as well as exhausted, but I woke up feeling good with the soreness gone from my legs on Sunday morning.

Photo by Fleet Feet Morrisville 

Sunday: rest. I’m so glad I got those miles in yesterday, so that I was able to enjoy sleeping in and having coffee while watching snow softly fall out the window for a few hours this morning. Snow in North Carolina in March, after we had temperatures in the 60s, 70s, and 80s throughout February.  

Mileage for week: 32, including the five that I power walked. No cross training this week and no foam rolling, which I don’t feel good about. Next Sunday, I have the Tobacco Road Half Marathon, so my goals will include easy and short runs, foam rolling, some easy strength training, and lots of sleep.


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