Runner Profile: BRAD

February 13, 2017

I asked Brad to be the first runner in my new section, Runner Profiles.  I’m always interested in learning about others’ running lives, their preferences/likes/dislikes, their gear, their habits, their race histories, etc. I hope that some of my favorite runners and best running friends will agree to be part of this section in the future and open up about all their intimate details!

Brad is like a brother to me.  He once sat in my classroom, me a first year teacher and him a young, quiet twelve-year-old boy from my hometown.  I moved away from my hometown, and he grew up and married my cousin, who is like my little sister. Poof! Younger brother in the making, and it helps that we share a love of this sport.  He is more on the trail side while I am more on the road side, and his longest race is about four times the length of mine (and I run marathons!).

Where are you from?  Franklin, Pennsylvania

Where do you live now?  Franklin, Pennsylvania

From Google Maps; Franklin is an hour south of Erie and two hours north of Pittsburgh

For how long have you been a runner? Roughly 3.5 -4 years

Why did you start?   I was getting out of shape and needed something to do to lose a few pounds so I bought a pair of running shoes and started.

What is your favorite race distance?  That is a tough one. So far I like the longer distance races that I can pace myself for and test my durability. 13.1 is a good distance.

What is your favorite race?  Hands down the Oil Creek 100. This is a trail race that offers a 50K, 100K, or 100 Mile distance. It has a great race director, great volunteers, and a trail that will leave you wanting to come back and test your limits year after year. This race is located in Titusville, Pa. (Click here to read my recap, from afar, of Brad’s triumphant success in the 2016 Oil Creek 100: The Amazing Brad and his 100 Mile Journey

Brad’s hard earned 100 mile buckle

What is your favorite training run (speedwork, tempo, hills, Totem Pole, long, easy, etc.)?  I prefer long practice runs anywhere from 8-13 miles and occasionally if time permits stretching it out to a 50K distance. I try and keep my pace for those runs around 13-14 minute paces.

What is your running shoe of choice? I have used, Hoka, Altra, and Brooks. I like Brooks Cascadia for shorter runs anywhere from 5-8 miles (Trail), Altra Lone Peak for the same distance as the Brooks, and I found that my Hoka Challenger ATR shoes held up great for up to and over 60+ miles.

What is your favorite running accessory–you don’t leave home without it? My GPS watch and Nathans hand held water bottle.

What is your favorite running weather?  My favorite running weather would be 50 degrees, sunny and no humidity.

What is your favorite local place to run? Oil Creek State park (Trails)

Do you have a favorite place of all places, near or far, to run? Oil Creek State Park

What’s your preference for running: solo, with a buddy, pub run, or training group? I enjoy running by myself just because that’s what I’m used to. But if I run with others I prefer just one or two people max.

Favorite running experience/memory? Crossing the finish line of my 100 mile race with my 3 year old son running alongside for the last 50 yards.

The last race you ran? Run 4 Regis, it was a “fun run” that you could choose the distance of your choice to complete. I completed the 18 mile section. It was January 28th, 2017 and 22 degrees at the start.

Brad at Run for Regis, January 28, 2017. Photo by Carrie Beightol.

What was your worst race? Meet-U-IN 5 and ½, it was a 13.1 mile trail race that had me in so much pain at the end for some reason unknown to me, but my legs were destroyed at the end. It’s a nice race it just beat me up that day.

If you could run any race, which would it be?  Can I choose more than one? I think if I could only choose one race; it would have to be the Leadville 100. This is a very famous trail race in Leadville, Colorado.

What is your most frustrating running injury? I have had an IT band issue for the last 5 months that has been very hard to get healed completely.

How many days a week do you run? In the winter months maybe once a week, two times if I’m lucky. But when the weather warms and the snow melts I’ll typically try to run 3-4 times per week if training for a race.

How many miles a week do you run? In the summer months I try to run 24-30 miles per week if time permits.

What time of day do you like to run? My favorite time to run is first thing in the morning. I like to be out on the trails as the day begins and the woods come to life.

This is where Brad’s answers to my (written) interview questions ended. However, the one about the time of day was the second to last question, and he left out the last one: what is your biggest running accomplishment? 

Brad is the ultimate humble person (which is one reason it is not surprising that he gravitates toward the sport of ultramarathons and trail running).  He ran ONE HUNDRED MILES in a successful trail race, which he alludes to in the other questions, but does not name it here at the end as his biggest running accomplishment. In fact, I’m surprised that he didn’t try to divert attention to his wife Carrie, who led his crew during that race and supports all of his running. Or to his children, especially his son Bryce who has done some running of his own this past year.


To read about that race, the Oil Creek 100, in October of 2016, click here.

You can find Brad on Instagram as bcb8ol.


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