Energy Chili

I call this “Energy Chili” because it is a clean food meal that has refueled my body after many workouts and runs. With the carbs from butternut squash, the protein from the ground beef (or turkey or chicken), and the fat from added avocado, it’s a perfect and easy meal to heat up in minutes at the end of a long day.

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Stretching and Strengthening

“The Ten Best Mobility Exercises for Runners”  (from Kelly Starrett’s “Mobility Workout of the Day” and TJ Murphy of

Click here to access a downloadable PDF that contains written and photo descriptions of MOBILITY exercises (from Runner’s World Magazine and “Run 10: 10-Minute Cross-training for Runners” DVD). I like to save this type of document on my phone to have them handy during workouts.

Click here for a PDF of ARM (+ Core, Glutes, and Balance training) strengthening exercises (also from “Run 10: 10-Minute Cross-training for Runners”).

Click here for the STABILITY exercises from “Run 10;” the link will take you to the Runner’s World Magazine website.